Now Available in Audio! Walking with Families through the Dying Process and Walking with Families through Grief

Now Available in Audio! Walking with Families through the Dying Process and Walking with Families through Grief

Are you or a loved one dealing with grief from loss of a loved one? Or is a loved one embarking on that final journey through life to new life? Walking with Families through Grief and Walking with Families through the Dying Process are excellent resources to help.

All of us experience grief at different times throughout our life. We grieve because we have loved. Death comes to all of us but most are unprepared and unsure when it comes to that final journey.

And now these books are available in audio format.  A limited number are available for free to those who sign up for my email list. Sign up below or email me and let me know which ones (or both) you would like.

Joy’s Trilogy 

What do you do when life knocks you off-balance? You get up and dance!

Join the members of the Reese family and their friends as they learn to get back up after being knocked down. The first three books of the Dancing through Life series follows Joy and her family through the challenges cancer places on a family.

Thank you for visiting this website. Interested in receiving a free audio book? Sign up for my newsletter then email me, patricia@patriciamrobertson, and let me know which one you want.  Land of Deep Waters, Dreamweavers, Still Dancing, and Magnificent Failure are all available now in audio along with the two non-fiction books mentioned above. There are a limited number available to subscribers to my newsletter.

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    The introvert who prefers to work behind the scenes rather than be out front. I am a woman, loved by God, called to grow in my relationship with God and help others with their relationships through writing, teaching, pastoral counseling and right relationships.

    Writing words of hope to those who have given up their dreams or misplaced them. Patricia writes for ordinary people, living extraordinary lives.

    On Life and Writing

    Seasons of Grace

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    Patricia Robertson writes skillfully and from the heart.

    Patricia Robertson writes skillfully and from the heart. And her heart is informed by broad life experience in both family life and spiritual formation. Here’s the delight her readers soon discover: Much spiritual formation takes place within the family, and by the sovereign grace of God.

    Ken Wyatt, Editor

    Winsome and soulful grace.

    With winsome and soulful grace Patricia invites her readers to see themselves through the story of others. I not only find myself there but I feel kinder and smarter after time spent with Patricia’s writing.

    Rev. Clare Loughrige, Spiritual Director and Author

    Moving stories that inspire!

    I became immediately interested in the characters in Patricia’s books, and found what I hope you will find too: that no matter your circumstances, these moving stories will inspire you to see life’s challenges as opportunities to grow in life-transforming ways.

    Mary Albert Darling, Author of The God of Intimacy and Action and Connecting Like Jesus

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