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irish-shoes-4-2-resizedCOMING SOON!

My Work in Progress – An Irish Slip Step, book four of Dancing through Life series.

For more info on my progress on this book, check out the following blog posts:

What Is It About Irish Step Dancing?

The Fighting Irish – What’s in a Name?

1000 Pages of Research Equals 2 Pages of Story

More Research:  How the Irish Saved Civilization and Celtic Spirituality

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Slow waltz.cover 2.3 with stripe-1 (2) resizedA Slow Waltz, the third book in the Dancing Through Life Series, final book in Joy’s trilogy, is now available for sale. To order, click here.

“Healing is a slow process. It’s a slow waltz. It can’t be rushed. But it can help if you have others by your side,” Pastor Joe tells Ava.

It’s been over a year and yet Dale still feels numb, like he is only half alive. Meanwhile Ava is running away from her past and Kathleen struggles to keep the dance studio, Joy’s legacy, alive amidst mounting bills.

The road to healing from loss is a slow one, sometimes going backward and sideways before going forward. Sometimes the biggest barrier to healing lies within us. Join Dale, Kathleen, Ava and others as they journey through the road to forgiveness and healing.

A book for anyone in need of healing from life’s hurts. The sequel to Still Dancing, A Slow Waltz is volume III of Dancing Through Life Series.

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On Life and Writing is random thoughts on life in general, writing in specific.
Psalms  includes reflections on the Psalms, choosing a new Psalm each week.


For the Summer Wedding Season –  From I Do to We Do:  The First Five Years!From I Do to We Do

It started with “Hello.” A chance encounter that led to dating which led to the words, “Will you marry me?” and the response, “I do!” But what do you say after you say “I do?” How do you go from “I do” to “We do?” This book is a guide for the first five years of marriage. It is designed to help you navigate those crucial early years of married life that set the stage for your life together.

For all newly married couples, it includes information on adjustment, communication, time management and other issues related to those early years as well as a chapter on second marriages. Written from a Catholic Christian perspective, it includes information that will help all couples regardless of their faith background.

To order through Amazon Kindle, click here. To order through Smashwords, click here.

For the cost of a card, you can give newlyweds a gift that will help them have a healthy marriage that lasts a lifetime!

The print copy of this book is also be available for $12.95. To purchase click here.

Order it now for your favorite couple!