The Summer of 2020

clock at 3 minutes to midnight in front of nuclear mushroom cloud

The Summer of 2020

2020 has already taken an unexpected turn with the coronavirus pandemic and more recently protests against racial injustice. August 6 – 9 will mark the 75th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In remembrance of that event, I’m re-releasing my book, Buying Time.

Set during the Cold War in the 1980’s, the book looks at why people might choose to participate in actions of protest or civil disobedience. Some of you may be looking at the protests that have turned to violence and wonder why the organizers allow this. It’s not that the organizers want this. Any time you invite large groups of people to a protest you run the risk of outside agitators sparking violence. It’s a risk they take for the greater good of speaking out against injustice.

Join a rabble rousing Catholic priest and Methodist minister, a kindergarten teacher and a Quaker homemaker as they beat swords into plowshares in an effort to hold back the Doomsday Day clock. Buying Time will be released on July 1.

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My Dancing through Life series includes faith stories of ordinary people who are knocked off balance by life yet manage to get back up and continue. I have a number of non-fiction books to support families, including Walking with Families through the Dying Process, Walking with Families through Grief, and books for Married Couples and Parents. And my series, Seasons of Grace, offers meditations on the seasons of the church year. I blog on a weekly basis and send out newsletters that include tips on how to unlock the extraordinary from the everyday and updates on my works in progress.

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Along with my blog posts, I have added a page with articles that have been published in different magazines during my writing career. I have also reduced the price of the box set of the first three books in my Dancing through Life series from $5.99 to $2.99 for the duration of the COVID19 crisis.

I have a background in spiritual direction. If you are in need of help during this difficult time, if you need to chat, please email me, I would be happy to help in whatever way I can.

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Praise for Freedom Dance

“I thoroughly enjoyed the entire book, but as a historian, I was especially drawn to the chapters that describe the past. In these chapters, Patricia explores the inner working of the Underground Railroad, that secret network that transported enslaved Americans from slave states in the South to Free states in the North and Canada. The trials and tribulations of these brave souls–both free and enslaved–are an inspiration that still speaks to us today.”   Linda Hass, author of Michigan Crossroads to Freedom and Hidden in Plain Sight.

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    The introvert who prefers to work behind the scenes rather than be out front. I am a woman, loved by God, called to grow in my relationship with God and help others with their relationships through writing, teaching, pastoral counseling and right relationships.

    Writing words of hope to those who have given up their dreams or misplaced them. Patricia writes for ordinary people, living extraordinary lives.

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    Patricia Robertson writes skillfully and from the heart.

    Patricia Robertson writes skillfully and from the heart. And her heart is informed by broad life experience in both family life and spiritual formation. Here’s the delight her readers soon discover: Much spiritual formation takes place within the family, and by the sovereign grace of God.

    Ken Wyatt, Editor

    Winsome and soulful grace.

    With winsome and soulful grace Patricia invites her readers to see themselves through the story of others. I not only find myself there but I feel kinder and smarter after time spent with Patricia’s writing.

    Rev. Clare Loughrige, Spiritual Director and Author

    Moving stories that inspire!

    I became immediately interested in the characters in Patricia’s books, and found what I hope you will find too: that no matter your circumstances, these moving stories will inspire you to see life’s challenges as opportunities to grow in life-transforming ways.

    Mary Albert Darling, Author of The God of Intimacy and Action and Connecting Like Jesus

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