Finding and Following Your Passion???

 May 31, 2013

Graduates through the nation are being told, “Follow your passion.” But what if your passion is to do God’s will? That leaves you with a broad range of possibilities. I love writing but I love God more. I love writing precisely because I experience God through writing. I feel close to God when I am creating. I love teaching and preaching and counseling, but do so only because I believe that is what God wants me to do.

Since losing my position last July I’ve yet to receive a memo from the guy in the sky in regards to what to do next. If my passion were to write, then I would pursue a course of writing, no holds barred. If it were for teaching, I’d have sent out even more applications then I have. If my passion were for counseling, I’d have put out my shingle and see what I got. If my passion were for community organizing, I’d have pursued a position at one of the many non-profits in my community where I have connections. But my passion is to do what I believe God wants me to do so I’ve pursued each of these possibilities trying to see if that is the direction God is leading me in, holding none too tightly, pursuing none with a passion, and perhaps that is why nothing has come to the surface.

Seeking to do God’s will requires an openness to wherever God may be calling; it requires confronting life with open palms, not grabbing tight to any chance dream that may surface. It requires slowing down to consult God about any course of action, going forward, pursuing possibilities, allowing the question – is this the right direction? It requires waiting for direction, but not sitting still, doing nothing for sometimes God speaks in the doing as well as the stillness.

It’s been nine months and I’m still waiting for direction. I continue to send out resumes and complete job applications. I continue to send out manuscripts hoping for that one that will catch fire and let me know that now is the time to write full time. I meet with individuals for spiritual direction and grief counseling and organize community events, all the while wondering what will show up. Meanwhile God seems to be telling me I’m doing okay, stay the course, use this time of unemployment well to prepare for whatever future life has in store for me.

So I wait.

What is your passion?

Copyright May 2013 Robertson

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  1. It is so hard to hear Him and what He wants for us sometimes. My hope would be that you could pursue your writing passion as I love the creativity of writers! I'm sure God will answer your prayers…I just know you are praying…I'll add you to my intention list…maybe He was waiting for me to do that..who knows?

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