Happy Ground Hog Day!

 January 31, 2014

Oh, to be a ground hog. I’d pull back the covers and sleep until spring. The unusually cold and bitter weather has robbed me of all motivation. I don’t want to go out. I don’t want to work out. I just want to eat comfort food, after all, I need a few extra rolls of fat to stay warm! I would sleep till noon then spend my afternoon baking cookies and pies and pot roast and gazing at the white expanse outside my window, happy to be inside. Then I would fall asleep in front of the glow of the TV screen.
Let someone else buy the groceries and lug them through the snow to my abode so I can enjoy my hibernation, only unlike the bear who lives off fat during the winter and wakes up skinny and hungry, I will wake up fat and sassy.
Oh, to be a ground hog!

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