Go Big, Go Bold!

 May 1, 2014

Big and Bold! Anyone who knows me, knows this is not me. I’m neither big nor bold. I’m more like the church mouse who hides in the corner observing, or the invisible hands coming out to serve then disappearing. I’m not a social butterfly grabbing center stage. As a five on the Enneagram (for more on the Enneagram see Resources) with a strong two on the side, I tend to be the analytical observer. I love to think and can get lost in my thoughts for hours at a time. It is helpful that I have a strong two side—the caregiver—to pull me out of reverie and into relationships with others or I could stay there forever.

To complete the triangle for my personality type on the Enneagram and be more balanced, I need to embrace the eight, the big, the bold, the powerful. No wallowing in indecision while I examine every aspect of a problem and consult others lest they be offended. Time to be bold, be decisive! This is next to impossible for me, definitely a growing edge.

In coming up with a tag-line for marketing, I questioned the use of unlocking. I like unlocking because it is active and strong. To unlock is to set free. As a counselor and spiritual director I know about the need to set people free from hang-ups, habits, attitudes and road blocks that are keeping them from being all that God intended them be. To unlock is stronger than discovering, uncovering or realizing. You can almost hear those chains rattling as they are thrown off, or the sound of a heavy dungeon door being unlocked and opened, letting in fresh air.

Still I hesitate. Is this really me? Is this too bold a proclamation for an introvert like me?Yet there have been times when I have been bold. As a church pastor, the position required that I take center-stage and speak to my people. When the situation demanded, I could be bold and speak with a strength I didn’t know I had. But only when the situation demanded, is that the case now? Perhaps God is calling me to be bold again, to cast off indecision and move forward.

And so now, I’m embracing my tag-line as both who I am and who I am becoming. Time to go big and go bold. No room for wimps in publishing!

What do you need to do in order to grow as a person and be more whole?

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