Am I "That" Person?

 June 26, 2014



(Me and my birthday flowers.  I was going to take my first “selfie” only to realize you can’t do that with a flip-phone so I enlisted the aid of my husband.)

As I turn fifty-eight today, I am asking  myself, “Am I “that” person?

Do you remember that person from your college years or other classes you may have taken? You know the one I’m talking about, the older gentleman or woman who was back in school ready to take on new challenges, ready to learn, taking classes just for the joy of learning. I remember thinking that when I was “old” I hoped I would be like them.

Well, I’m not that old in my eyes, but lately I have been thinking about these people and realizing I have become that person. I sat in on a self-publishing class at a local university and have been attending WordPress meetings and most recently a two day long workshop on using WordPress (a web design system and so much more). My instructors at these meetings are all younger and very patient as I struggle to learn this new skill. I think they look at me as that older woman not afraid to take on new challenges, or maybe their mother or grandmother.

Now I’m really not as old as those grandfathers and grandmothers from when I was in college, am I? They were far older than me. At fifty-eight, I’m still a spring chick in comparison to them. I am not that old in my own mind. And I wonder, how did I get here? How did I get to be so old? Somehow I went from being young and inexperienced to being old and decrepit without the benefit of those middle years when I was in my prime. What happened to them?

I know I said I wanted to be like that person, just not so soon, not till I hit seventy or eighty. And yet, it appears this is where I happen to be. Might as well enjoy it!

What about you? Are you now the person you wanted to be when you were younger? If not, what is stopping you?

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