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 July 21, 2014


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JACKSON, MI – Honduras and other Central American countries have been in the news recently because of the number of children coming from there to the United States. Patricia Robertson, a Jackson author, gives a glimpse of the situation in these countries which has created this influx of immigrants in her novel, Land of Deep Waters.

Set in Olancho, Honduras, once known as the Wild West of Honduras, Land of Deep Waters spans the years of 1974-1978 in retrospect. The book covers the killing of twelve peasants and two priests in what is known as the massacre of Horcones, as well as other acts of violence that took place during that time period. The story unfolds through the lives of two missionaries, one a religious sister who is banned from returning from the country after she returns to the United States for medical reasons, while the other, a Catholic priest, remains. Thirty years later, the sister, now married with two adult sons, is haunted by her memories of those years and decides to return for the thirty-year anniversary of the massacre.

Land of Deep Waters is based on the real life experience of Richard Preston, Lansing, MI, and his four years spent in Olancho, Honduras. The novel shows the hardships encountered by missionaries in Central America as well as the situation that created the current immigration problems our country is experiencing.

“It is my hope that through this book, others will be able to experience vicariously what life is like in Central America, and the joys and hardships of aligning yourself with the poor in these countries,” states Robertson.

One dollar out of each print sale will go to The Lamb Institute and their efforts to help those living in violent and poverty stricken areas of Tegucigalpa, the capitol of Honduras. “This is one small way for me to help change the situation that is leading to so many children fleeing to the United States,” states Robertson. More information on The Lamb Institute may be found at their website,

Land of Deep Waters is available in Kindle e-book format and print through Amazon. More information on this book and other books by Patricia Robertson is available through her website,


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