Perfect in all of our Imperfections

 September 4, 2014

            0828141246 tree 3

Personally, I think perfection is over rated. It’s boring. Above is a picture of a tree with a dead branch as seen from my backyard. This branch has been hanging there for at least four years. Last winter amidst all the ice and heavy snow, many branches came down but this one stubbornly remains. Hopefully it won’t fall on our roof when it does let loose.

When I look at this tree I don’t see a threat to my home. I think it looks beautiful, hanging on amidst all of the green leaves. (The picture, taken by my flip-phone, doesn’t do it justice.) To me, it’s a reminder that something doesn’t have to be flawless to be magnificent. This tree isn’t lovely despite its imperfections, but amidst its imperfections.

It’s our human foibles and failings that make us interesting. No one wants to read a book with perfect people. That would be boring. We need flawed individuals, like us, to drive a plot line forward. People whom we can cheer on as they overcome obstacles or who tug at our heartstrings when they fail.

Only God is perfect, and yet this flawless God created us humans in God’s own image and likeness. Is there a perfection that transcends and includes our human failings? I think so.

While on this earth we struggle with imperfection. Only in heaven will we achieve the perfection we seek. What that perfection will look like we don’t know, but I hope it includes some blemishes, purified of sin, but still making us the unique individuals we are.

To be human is to be flawed, to constantly miss the mark, and yet therein lies our perfection! We are perfectly human and therefore magnificent in our own way despite our many failings.

What foibles make you uniquely you?

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