Who Me? Full of Grace? Finding Grace in Your Journey – Excerpt

 May 26, 2015

DIGITAL_BOOK_THUMBNAILThe last of my May series on Spirituality for Moms.

When the angel Gabriel addressed Mary, “hail, full of grace,” Mary was shocked. “How can this be?” she responded. “Who me?” we may say in turn. Who are we to be so blessed that God would grace us with his presence in our life? That God would bless us with children and the many material blessings we have in the United States? Who me, indeed.

How do you recognize God’s presence in your life journey? How do you realize the grace that surrounds you? As a young mother if anyone had told me I was full of grace, I would have laughed. Who me? This woman with spit-up on her shoulder and oatmeal in her hair? And yet, there is grace even in that. As I grow older, I hope I am doing so gracefully as well, walking in God’s presence. This book is designed to help you answer these questions yourself and grow in grace.

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She bends over to tend her flowers. They are but a shade of their former loveliness, when she had more energy to care for them. She smiles as I drive up with her two great-grandchildren, greets us at the car door, and ushers us in for lemonade. The bouquet in her hand is carefully placed in a waiting vase. Their fragrance mixes with the fresh June air and fills the corner of the room.        

Grandpa joins us, putting down his paper and turning off the baseball game. Nothing is more important to him than his great-grandkids. He walks slowly into the kitchen to his store of hidden goodies. “Tookie, Gampa,” my son says in confident expectation. It’s part of the ritual. A visit to great-grandma and great grandpa would be incomplete without it.

We talk about the weather, family, days gone by, days to come. For people in their eighties, my grandparents spend a lot time keeping up on current affairs. Then as the sun begins to set, I pack my tired children into the car and promise to come back soon.

Grandpa gives them one more cookie, “for the road,” and we drive away.

(Daily Meditations (with Scripture) for Busy Moms, June l6)

How do you grow old in the Lord? I’m a firm believer in planning for your retirement years, but not necessarily through finances. People at mid-life need to be concerned about the person they will be at the end of their life and take steps now to get there.

My series on Spirituality for Moms is designed to help mothers recognize the rich spiritual life that can be theirs as moms. This is the fourth book in the series. It is meant to help you look at your life’s journey and recognize the many ways in which God has been present, and will continue to be present. Beginning with looking at your past and how to grow old with grace, it goes on to reflect on significant women in your life, and putting together a grace map.

Who Me? Full of Grace? Finding Grace in Your Journey is now available on Amazon.

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