Every Which Way but Write!

 July 1, 2015


I promised regular updates on my summer writing progress. The last few weeks I’ve been going every which way but write! Between publishing my latest book, Still Dancing, blogging, selling books at an Arts & Crafts fair, meetings and personal and family responsibility, I’ve done nothing as far as word count. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about my WIP, I just haven’t been writing. Too many other projects have gotten in the way.

I’m anticipating/hoping/planning for this to change next week. It has to change as I’m feeling myself growing increasingly irritable at all of the interruptions and demands on my time. It is in everybody’s best interest that I get the time that I need to write or I can be a crab.

I have fewer meetings in July, fewer distractions. I’ve worked hard the last two weeks to get other writing projects into a place where they can be let go for a while in order to focus on my summer novel. So the stars will hopefully align for me next week.

Stay tuned to find out whether this happens! What about you? Do you find that you hit a point where if you don’t write you become very crabby?

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