Progress Report: Breakthrough! Do you have a place you go when you are stuck?

 July 23, 2015

Lake St. James cropped(View from deck of cottage)

For me, that place is my brother’s cottage on Lake St. James. There’s something about getting away from my daily responsibilities and routines, something about quiet, nature and water, that heals and opens up the creative channel within me.

Summer doesn’t really begin until I spend time up north. This used to be at my parents’ cottage and now is at my brother’s. I was there over the fourth of July but then I was selling books at an Arts and Crafts fair. It was far from restful.

This past weekend I was there while my husband was attending a fraternity gathering. I brought our one year old puppy who is more like a moose than puppy. He is big and demanding and has been known to playfully almost knock my glasses off my face when I neglected to respond to his challenge to play tug-of-war. I wasn’t sure how this would work. Seamus did interrupt my writing at times, but overall it was manageable.

There have been times I’ve come with tons of ideas I wanted to write about, only to spend no time writing, just resting. Then I went home with new found energy to pick up pen again. I may not have been productive while there but I was later. Other times I come, not sure whether I would feel like writing and after one night, I find myself writing non-stop.

That was the case this time. I spent my first full day re-reading what I had already written, then wrote 30 pages, around 8,000 words the next day. I came home with lots of ideas about where I go next in my writing and have since worked on typing what I had written over the weekend. Breakthrough! No longer stuck.

I never know for sure what will happen, but the cottage has yet to fail me.

What do you do when you are stuck and the ideas just aren’t coming? Do you have a certain place that you go? Or do have something you do that helps get your creative juices flowing? I would love to hear from you.

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