Getting Noticed in a Noisy World!

 August 20, 2015

picture courtesy of Flickr, Mindaugas Danys

picture courtesy of Flickr, Mindaugas Danys

“The nail that sticks out gets beat in.” Chinese Proverb

Another webinar I attended, mentioned how you have to behave like a two year old, demanding attention, in order to be noticed in today’s crowded market. How not like me!

I’m the wall flower at the dance, trying to make sure no-one notices me. I’m the silent servant hands in the church, quietly serving behind the scenes then slipping into the background. I grew up learning that to be noticed was not a good thing.

Like the Chinese Proverb warns, I did not want to be beat in.

I’m more of the Emily Dickinson type of writer, sitting alone in my home, quietly writing away, happy with my thoughts. This whole idea of drawing attention to myself is foreign to me. It puts me well out of my comfort zone.

And yet, I’m told that’s what I must do if I’m to make it in this crowded market, if I want my writing to be more than a hobby, if I want to be considered a professional.

I’m not comfortable with it, yet it is good to be pushed out of our comfort zone at times, to be forced to be more than you are and to stretch as a person.

Time to stretch!

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