A Baby Every Christmas!

 December 24, 2016

“A baby every Christmas,” my grandfather used to say. He certainly did his part. He and my grandmother had eleven children. When those children got married and had children, they easily provided my grandfather with his Christmas baby.

I never knew my grandfather. He died when I was three. As long as my grandfather was alive, every Sunday the whole family came home for dinner. After dinner the men would play cards with Grandpa. I have this vague memory of a man smoking a cigar and playing cards with my dad, however I don’t know if it is real or just something my mind made up. After Grandpa died the Sunday drives from Alma to Lansing became less frequent.

My family is now in the baby season. We aren’t entirely out of the wedding season as I have some nephews who have yet to get married, but we are definitely in the baby season, starting with my grandnephew SJ two years ago. This year there were four babies, including my grandson. There’s also one due in January. It’s a wonderful season of life. There is something about a baby at Christmas. I wish my dad were still around to enjoy this new stage in his family’s life. He would have enjoyed all the great grand babies.

They say you don’t miss what you never had. That’s only partially true. I didn’t miss Grandpa growing up since I had never known him, however as an adult I missed what I hadn’t had.

God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December, James Barrie tells us. I wish I had actual memories of Grandpa, not just the few memories my mom and grandma have passed on. I’m grateful for the memories I have of my dad.

.Wishing you many wonderful memories this Christmas! And maybe a baby too!

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