Grey Days of Winter

 January 17, 2017

Ordinary Time

We are into the grey days of winter. The holidays are over and so, it appears, is the snow. Such are the vagaries of winters in Michigan. Days of beautiful snow covered ground or ice coated trees give way to grime and grey. Snow is covered with a coat of soot, or melts entirely during the January thaw.

The thaw is but an illusion as we know there is more snow, ice and cold awaiting us. Still it is a precursor of what is to come, the rain showers of April, giving way to flowers in spring. Eventually these grey days will give way to spring.

It is easier to walk the dog during these grey days, no slipping on ice and snow. It’s easier to get out, navigate streets that are no longer snow covered. It may not make up for the greyness all around me, it may be a false precursor of spring, but I’ll take what I can get.

He spreads snow like wool; frost he strews like ashes. He scatters his hail like crumbs; before his cold the waters freeze. He sends his word and melts them; he lets his breeze blow and the waters run.       Psalm 147: 16-18


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