Walking with Families through Grief – Available in Print format

 April 12, 2017

We grieve because we have loved. It is a gift, one we don’t want, yet a gift nonetheless. Think of the alternative – to go through life without allowing ourselves to love others because of the pain involved when we lose them. Not an alternative many chose.

My book, Walking with Families through Grief, helps you unwrap your grief and assist others through their grief. It focuses on the loss of loved ones through death but also includes a chapter on other losses such as divorce, loss of employment, pets, homes, or a limb. Practical ways to help are included as well.

A great resource for anyone who has experienced loss in their life.

It is a companion book to Walking with Families through the Dying Process.

Now available in print and ebook.   click here for kindle version    click here for print version

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