Acting your Age!

 May 19, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life

Common sense tells her not to do it, but something else urges her on.

She laces the borrowed skates and takes to the sidewalk. Hey, this isn’t so bad! She glides as if there were no gravity, no resistance. She feels free, indestructible! Whoops! She hits a stone, flies through the air, lands on her hand, and breaks her wrist.

“Should have known better,” some say.

“Doesn’t have the sense God gave her!”

“Time to act your age,” others add.

“Well, at least it happened while you were having fun,” yet another says.

She knows it was foolish. But the feeling was worth the break. She was acting her age!

From one stock he made every nation . . . to dwell on the face of the earth. It is he who set limits to their epochs and fixed the boundaries of their regions. They were to seek God, yes to grope for him and perhaps eventually to find him–though he is not really far from any one of us.    Acts 17:26-27


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