Goodbye Spring, Hello Summer!

 June 21, 2017

Another spring gone by. Trees now wear a full headdress of leaves. It has been safe to plant vegetables and flowers for weeks now, as the fear of a debilitating frost is gone. Pools are open and ready to welcome swimmers of all ages. Life is good.

The calendar marks this day as a boundary line. We have crossed over from one season to another. But trees don’t know about this boundary, nor do the squirrels that inhabit them and taunt my dog from their perch in their branches. This day marks what has been gradually in process for the past month.

Summer doesn’t appear in one day. It creeps up on us throughout the month of May and June, till all of a sudden, it is here! What happened to those moderate days of sixty and seventy degrees weather? Where have the daffodils gone and the cherry blossoms? It’s seems they were here one day, gone the next.

Like so much of life, it slips away from us before we know it, water slipping between our fingers. Children grow up and forge new lives of their own, leaving us wondering where the years went. This summer that we welcome today will be gone as well.

All the more reason to hold onto this day and revel in the beauty that is summer. It will be gone before we know it.

Yours is the day, land yours the night; you fashioned the moon and the sun. You fixed all the limits of the land; summer and winter you made.    Psalm 74:16-17


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