Remembering Ordinary Days filled with Goodness

 June 23, 2017

There was a time when all I remembered from my childhood was negative. I was dealing with healing past hurts and this colored my memories. Now that I’m beyond that I find myself focusing more on the positive memories. Certainly there have been good days and bad days in my life, positive experiences and negative experiences, but most of the days were ordinary days filled with ordinary goodness. Going to school, eating good food prepared by my mother, snacking on potato chips, reading comic books which eventually gave way to other books, playing cards and watching TV.

Ordinary days filled with ordinary goodness. Picking strawberries and plopping them in my mouth, homemade cookies and cakes, ice cream, watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” every Sunday night–the highlight of my Sunday. It was a good Sunday when they showed cartoons and a movie; a bad Sunday when they showed nature features and documentaries.

Ordinary days filled with ordinary goodness. Such is the stuff of life. If we live the ordinary days well, we will be ready to handle anything else life may throw at us.

Observing the self-assurance of Peter and John, and realizing that the speakers were uneducated men of no standing, the questioners were amazed. They recognized these man as having been with Jesus.             Acts 4:13


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