Following the Spirit of the Law

 August 1, 2017

Ordinary Time – Feast Day of Alphonsus Ligori

Alphonsus Ligouri was a learned man, a great lawyer who lost only one case during his eight years of practice, a great confessor and moral theologian. In a time when penitents were treated as criminals who must be punished, he treated all who came to him with kindness, with a view to their redemption rather than their punishment. In a time when those who were learned made sure everyone knew it by their choice of words, he chose to speak in words easily understood by the masses of people. His legacy goes on to this generation and beyond. Redemptorists, members of the order he founded, are found throughout the world, continuing in his tradition of using the language of the common person on the street, being kind and compassionate as confessors.

Though lawyer, he was not a stickler about every dot of the law, but knew how to use the law in service to people to set them free.

For the law of the spirit of life in Christ Jesus has freed you from the law of sin and death.   Romans 8:2


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