Remembering 9/11

 September 11, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability

Life would never be the same, or so many insisted after 9/11. We walked around in a daze for weeks feeling our existence as a nation had been threatened, our sense of security taken away. We kept wondering, when would the other shoe drop? Where would the next terrorist attack take place? Yet despite protestations of the opposite, our life did return to “normal” whatever that means. We are going on with our life, in fact we were encouraged to not allow this terrorist action to change our life or our way of thinking.

Life has returned to ordinary for the most part. There is high security at airports, we are more wary but we go on. We have only tasted what so many other countries have been experiencing–the constant threat of terrorist attacks and actions of war. We have experienced but a glimpse of what is part of everyday reality for children growing up in war torn areas of the world.

May this never become ordinary!

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May those who love you prosper! May peace be within your walls, prosperity in your buildings.     Psalm 122:6-7


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