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Celebrating Advent -My Gift to You!

 December 3, 2017

I love the Advent season. While society is rushing to Christmas, I savor the sights and sounds of Advent with somber purples and music that speaks of longing and anticipation. I love the Advent readings which speak of hope to a people praying for the long awaited Savior.

Yes, I’m not a purist. I do put up my Christmas tree before Christmas Eve and allow Christmas music to slip into my Advent celebration, but I also make an effort to not rush the season and rest in Advent, a time for joyful hope. I relish the message of hope, patience as we wait, peace and love that is part of the season, all of which are needed today.

I particularly love the Advent readings from Isaiah about the peaceable kingdom, beating swords into plowshares and enjoying a bountiful feast on God’s holy mountain. 

My Advent gift to you is Season of Hope: a short collection of Advent reflections.  Each reflection ends with an Advent Scripture quote. They can be read daily to help you stay in the season, or all at once. May they help you find hope in your life, whether dealing with challenges or abundance. To receive the book just sign up by clicking button.

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Wishing you a hope-filled Advent!

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