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Holy Week – Season of Dying

 March 23, 2018

Next week, Christians throughout the world will be remembering Jesus’ last days on this earth through the services of Holy Week. We journey with Jesus through his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, his last meal with his disciples on Holy Thursday, and his walk carrying the cross to his death on Good Friday.

Death is the one constant in this life. Wherever we are in our life journey, we are all moving towards our death. It is inevitable, yet we resist, ignore and deny this reality. Our lives are all that much richer from knowing they will end someday. Through confronting death, we learn how to live.

Walk with Jesus

The latest book in my Seasons of Grace series, Holy Week – Season of Dying,  invites you to walk with Jesus  through these days. It includes simple vignettes based on common life experiences to help you when confronting loss, betrayal, and death. The meditations may be read all at once, or day by day throughout the week. They can be used as a moment of encouragement or a springboard to a longer period of prayer and reflection.

The Catholic-Christian readings and liturgies of Holy Week offer an abundance of opportunities for spiritual growth. Walk with Jesus and the Christian community through Jesus’ final day on this earth. Reflect with Christians throughout the world on the meaning of those final days. Find comfort and strength from the example of Jesus as he faced his death.

My Gift to You

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If we die with Christ, we shall rise with Christ. Holy Week – Season of Dying will help you on that journey. Now available on Amazon and  other digital stores.


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