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Lyrical Dance Now Available for Pre-Order!

 April 10, 2019

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, except for when it does! Or so thinks Esther in Lyrical Dance, book seven of my Dancing through Life Series.

What is it about the mother-daughter relationship? So fraught with emotion, it is the strongest of the parent-child bond because of the ways that women process emotions, according to a study in the Journal of Neuroscience related in the blog Motherly. The last thing that most of us want is to be like our mothers. Suggestions that we are just like our mother are fighting words that raise the hair on our necks as we prepare to do battle. Yet part of maturing is recognizing and accepting those ways that we are like our mothers, as well as the ways we are different.

Lyrical Dance is a story about mothers and daughters, overcoming obstacles that life throws at them.  Esther and her daughter Kathleen are both going through identity crisis that occur with major life changes. Both need to find ways through to a new normal, whatever that may be! The book looks at the question of suffering in this life and asks, can meaning be found in suffering?

Now available for pre-order through Amazon for $2.99. The book will be available on May 5, in time for Mother’s Day! The price will go up after it is launched. Get your order in now!

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