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What to Give a Writer for their Birthday

 June 26, 2019

Happy birthday to me! It’s my birthday. You reach a certain age and giving gifts becomes more important than receiving them. What can you give someone who has everything? I plan to celebrate my birthday by taking two of my grandsons to see Toy Story 4 then out for a treat. However, there is something I could really use. What to give a writer for their birthday? Book reviews!

Book Reviews

It used to be that until you had fifty reviews, Amazon didn’t know you existed. Now that number is one hundred. Who can get that many reviews? Surely not me. That was too much for me to contemplate so I haven’t focused on it. Whenever someone mentions they like my book, I ask them to leave a review and I ask for reviews at the end of each book, but that’s all I do. (Marketing is not my strength!)

However, this week I watched part of a webinar that claimed the first hurdle to book sales is reaching eight reviews, the number to fill one page on Amazon. Most readers do not go beyond that first page. Now eight is an attainable goal.

What to give a writer for their birthday!

And so I’m asking, if you have read any of my books and not left a review, please do so. Help me reach this goal. It can be your birthday gift to me. Reviews don’t have to be long. They don’t have to be eloquent. Four or five stars and a comment why you like the book is enough.

My birthday gift to you? Email me after you complete your review and I’ll send you a link for a free book of your choice. (Remember to review it!)

Help me reach my goal of eight reviews for each book. The best gift you can give a writer any day is to read their books and review them. Thank you in advance for helping me celebrate my birthday!


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