Moonlight and Stars

 August 26, 2019

I have heard that camping is good for marriage. I agree. However, in our decades of camping we have encountered a few situations in which an RV had become a small cell for two unhappy partners to endure the company of each other.

More often, we have witnessed hundreds of relationships obviously healthy and happy in the togetherness that camping brings about. In our own camping years, I have a cherished memory of one summer night in a Brown County State Park campground in southern Indiana.

The campground was only sparsely populated. There was just an isolated campfire here and there. Not much amiable conversation between campers. Late that evening, we decided to take a walk. As we strolled hand-in-hand, we noticed the stars and a bright moon overhead. The light from both seemed to create a blue-light fairyland.

On our return from the moonlit walk, we danced at our campfire. Our hearts were lifted up in a deep sense of contentment and awe. Love was in full bloom that night. And come to think of it, while it was a memorable night, there have been many others like it. Yes, camping can be very good for marriage.


Reflections:  Do you camp? Perhaps your idea of camping is in a motel with all the comforts of home? Still, getting away to another place and another space can be good for a marriage. How might you gift your marriage with that space today?

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