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Ole’s Divine Encounter – Monday Marriage Moment

 December 16, 2019

Marriage lessons sometimes are best delivered in humor. And no one does a better job of that than the person who first thought up an Ole and Lena joke. This one is for all of us men who, in the inglorious tradition of Ole, have ever uttered a wrong-headed prayer.

It was a Sunday afternoon in Fergus Falls. Ole was relaxing in his hammock. Having just returned from church with Lena, he was feeling especially devout.

“Good God above,” says Ole, “Ven you make Lena, vy you make her so nice and round and so pleasant ta hold?”

And from the heavens above (I swear it is true), a booming voice replies: “Hear me now or hear me later, Ole – so you would love her.”

Ole, not to be wholly undone by the Lord above, stupidly pressed his point. “Vell then, tell me vy, oh vy, Lord, did you make her so stupid?”

And the Lord, never to be outwitted by a big Norwegian oaf, replied: “So she would love YOU!”


Reflections:  How is your spouse made for you?


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This reflection is taken from the book, Marriage Moments II:  Michigan Edition, by Patricia M. Robertson, Kenneth Wyatt and Brad Flory. If you have a Marriage Moment you would like to share, please email me at I look forward to hearing from you. Also, be sure not to miss a Marriage Moment. Sign up to follow this blog.


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