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Providence and Marriage

 March 16, 2020

In the midst of concerns about the Coronavirus, I’m sharing this guest post by Ken Wyatt on Providence and Marriage. Surely God’s providence is present in our lives and our marriages if we are open to this. God’s Providence is also present in our world as we deal with difficulties and crisis.

Providence and Marriage

As the years have passed, I have discovered in both of our family histories evidence pointing to providence. One online dictionary defines providence as “God, especially when conceived as omnisciently directing the universe and the affairs of humankind with wise benevolence.”

God’s Guidance in Marriage

Yes, in retrospect I can see the benevolent guidance of a loving God in our lives and in our marriage. This is not to suggest that everyone will see a marriage in those terms, but in our case, our circumstances and our faith have given us an appreciation for how significant a player God has been in our marriage. Without His hand at work in both of our families, we were most unlikely ever to have met.

I could offer many proofs. Here is one: About 1910, two young people encountered each other at a Salvation Army street service in Indianapolis, Indiana. In the early 1920s, two other young people encountered each other in a Salvation Army street meeting in Fergus Falls, Minnesota. Two separate marriages resulted from those chance encounters.

From those marriages came children and grandchildren. I was born because of one of those encounters; GiGi was born because of the other. And to add a significant layer to those chance meetings, in 1964 I first laid eyes on GiGi. Where else?  In a Salvation Army meeting.               


Reflections:  How has God played a part in your marriage?

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