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Letters and More Letters – How Do You Transmit Love?

 May 18, 2020

Guest post by Ken Wyatt on the importance of communicating love for each other. How do you transmit love? For some it’s through letters.

Letters and More Letters

Both GiGi and I came of age in the era of letter-writing. And so, during our two-year courtship, when we were attending separate colleges in distant cities, we wrote letters back and forth to each other. As time passed, and our relationship grew closer, the letters became in every sense “love letters.”

After we were married, and my service in the U.S. Army sometimes separated us for weeks or even months at a time, we resumed our letter-writing. Each of us expressed our love in the written word, sometimes in ways that we blush to acknowledge.

That era is no more. Oh, people may still write an occasional letter on paper, but it is so much simpler to text, to tweet, to e-mail what you desire to say to each other. We have made the transition from the hand-written page to the e-page.

It’s not the Method but the Meaning

Like more youthful marrieds, we know that the important thing is not so much the method of communication, but what is being communicated. “I love you” can be written with a goose quill, or a stubby pencil sharpened with a pocket knife. It can be written with stones in a barren field or in the dune-sands of Lake Michigan.

It can be tweeted, texted, emailed in the largest type font you can find. And it can be written in the earthy language of meal preparation, dish-washing, home repairs, and washing clothes, as well as flowers and chocolates, endless sacrifices and other love-proofs.

But whatever is used to transmit the message, it must originate from a true heart and be received in the heart of one who welcomes the words, the sentiments and the actions that convey the heartfelt truth.


Reflections:  How do you transmit your love for each other?


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