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Love Story between a Jock and the Nerdy Student

 March 12, 2021

Ready for March Madness? Why not prepare by reading the latest in my Dancing through Life Series, Rebound. As reviewer Jeni Tahaney says,

“Rebound” is a delightful love story between a jock and the nerdy student. Jacob and Josie are opposites, but you know how that adage goes. 

The rest of the review follows.

Love Story Between a Jock and the Nerdy Student

In this contemporary romance, Jacob (a.k.a. Rebound) is playing for the Santa Cruz Warriors, a semi-pro basketball team.  At 27, Jacob knows this is his last year to improve his skills hoping to be drafted by an NBA team.  The problem with Jacob is that he isn’t sure how to make his NBA dreams come true.  Girls, friends, and his basketball skills are all aspects of his life that do not require much commitment from him.  Jacob coasts by in life, and he seems to be happy with that until Josie, his little sister’s best friend, comes into his life.

Through a chance encounter, Jacob and Josie begin a weekly coffee visit.  During these visits, Jacob realizes how smart and driven Josie is despite her affliction; she has CMT (Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease).  Although CMT is not usually fatal, it affects the nerves and muscles which could eventually take away one’s ability to walk.  Josie is just a sophomore in college, and she already had to wear braces on her legs.

Although Jacob and Josie agree to be “just friends,” they eventually develop feelings for each other which makes dating other people complicated.  To find out whether or not these two find their way into each other’s arms and if Jacob’s NBA dreams finally come true, you will need to read “Rebound” by Patricia Robertson.

“Rebound” by Patricia Robertson is a solid story combining contemporary romance and sports.  Tweens and teens will enjoy this classic jock vs nerd love story. Parents will enjoy this story with its emphasis on a relationship with God which comes before self, others, and especially sports.

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