Land of Deep Waters

 August 13, 2021

Honduras and other Central American countries have been in the news because of the number immigrants, including families with children, coming from there to the United States. Land of Deep Waters gives a glimpse of the situation in these countries which has created this influx of immigrants.


Gangs are a huge problem in Honduras contributing to the immigration crisis. As Suzy McCall, founder of Lamb Institute in Honduras, wrote in an email (from 2014):

“If you look at the NYTimes article on my FB page, you will see what children are facing each day in the large, marginal neighborhoods (slums).  Either you (1) join a gang, (2) refuse to join a gang and face execution, or (3) flee.   Imagine how parents feel!   Young girls in particular also face constant danger from traffickers.   I’m sending my 19-yr-old stateside again soon, partly because of educational reasons, but also because I do not want her to get picked up by traffickers or gang members.

“Yesterday gang members threw grenades into a chicken restaurant burning alive the waitress who worked there.   They do this when the business owner cannot or does not pay the “war tax,” which is an amount levied by the gangs themselves.   In the States, it’s sometimes called “protection money.”   If you do not pay, they sentence you to death.   Of course this woman had nothing to do with it; she was just an employee.  But the gangs have no respect for human life.

“Anyway, the huge influx of child refugees is an effort on the part of their families to save their lives. It is estimated that 70% are sexually abused before they even reach the States.   It is truly a “Hail Mary” journey. I find it all so heartbreaking.” (More information on The Lamb Institute may be found at their website,

Land of Deep Waters

Set in Olancho, Honduras, once known as the Wild West of Honduras, Land of Deep Waters spans the years of 1974-1978 in retrospect. The book covers the killing of twelve peasants and two priests in what is known as the massacre of Horcones. The story unfolds through the lives of two missionaries. One a religious sister, Joan, who is banned from returning to the country after she returns to the United States for medical reasons. The other, a Catholic priest, remains in Honduras. Joan, now married with two adult sons, is haunted by her memories. She decides to return for the thirty year anniversary of the massacre.

Land of Deep Waters  shows the hardships encountered by missionaries in Central America as well as the violence and civil unrest that created the current immigration problems our country is experiencing.

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