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God Is In the Details

 October 27, 2021

Chances are you’ve heard the phrase, “the devil is in the details,” meaning that something that appears to be simple can end up being much more complicated and difficult than you expect as you work out the minutiae. I believe God is in the details too.

Some people think God is a big picture guy, who doesn’t concern himself with details. Clearly, they don’t know Scripture.

Detail in Scripture

During my idealistic youth I spent 20 days in a Marquette County Jail for trespassing at an Air Force Base. I was changing the world through non-violent, civil disobedience, following the example of Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. What better time to read the Bible from cover to cover, slogging through chapters of detail and less than inspiring passages. Don’t ask me chapter and verse. I just know that I read them.

Anyone who has read through the Old Testament knows that there are mind-numbing chapters filled with details. In Genesis God gave Noah detailed instructions on how to build the ark, cubit by cubit. There are approximately 613 laws in the first five books of the Old Testament containing minute details about how to structure common life. And don’t get me started on the details about the building of the Temple.

Why did God inspire the writers of the Old Testament to include these specifics? It definitely doesn’t create a spell-binding thriller that readers can’t put down. Yet the Bible is the most read book in the world. Apparently, God knew what he was doing. There must be something about all that detail that God wanted generations of people to know.

Perhaps the most telling of all comes from the New Testament and Jesus’ words, “Indeed, the very hairs on your head are numbered.” (Luke 12:7) God knows every hair on our head? Now if that isn’t detail, what is?

God Is In the Details

So what does it mean to say God is in the details?

It doesn’t mean you have to agonize about every little decision or detail of your life—what you eat, what you wear—to make sure you “get it right.” God doesn’t micro-manage our lives. But God is interested in all of the magnificent and inconsequential details that make up everyday life. God loves to hear us chatter on about all the details of our lives, like a doting grandparent loves listening to their grandchildren.

God loves details from all spectrums of the lifespan. So go ahead, prattle on to God about messy diapers or dirty depends, conflicts at work, or the pb & j sandwich you had for lunch. Nothing is too small in God’s eyes.

What about you? Where have you found God in the details of your life?


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