Putting New Life into Dry Bones

 May 29, 2017

Easter – Preparing for Pentecost Oh, what joy, when I first followed Jesus, when I experienced God’s presence and forgiveness. The sky was bluer, the sun burned brighter, flowers more radiant and colors more brilliant, touched by God’s love. But I also feared losing my new found joy, feared falling into sin and out of […]

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Renewed Spirit

 May 26, 2017

Easter – Preparing for Pentecost New life stirs within me, a life slow and quiet and steady-paced. I possess a new sense of peacefulness, such a contrast to the unrest of earlier days. I possess a quiet confidence that I will be able to handle life’s challenges. I feel a sense of stability and security. […]

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Ascension Thursday – What do we do now?

 May 25, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life Jesus is taken up into heaven. The disciples are left staring up at the sky where once had been their savior. What to do now? Where to go? They continue to look at the sky, hoping against hope for one more glimpse of their friend, one more word of […]

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Blinded by Light!

 May 24, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life I’ve been told that it’s always darkest before dawn. I’ve been in the dark so long that I don’t know what dawn looks like. And yet, when I least expect it, Jesus calls me. He leads me. Down paths strewn with lilies, surrounded by the sound of alleluias, he […]

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JOY’S TRILOGY – Available for Pre-Order

 May 23, 2017

My pre-birthday gift to you! Get three books for the price of one. Joy’s Trilogy, the first three books of my Dancing through Life Series, is now available for pre-order through Amazon kindle. What do you do when life knocks you off-balance? You get up and dance! Join the members of the Reese family and […]

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 May 22, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life A week off while the kids are still in school. I could hit the golf course, spring clean, catch up on my reading, fertilize the lawn . . . Or . . . I could sit on the patio and bask in the sun, away from phone and distraction. […]

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Acting your Age!

 May 19, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life Common sense tells her not to do it, but something else urges her on. She laces the borrowed skates and takes to the sidewalk. Hey, this isn’t so bad! She glides as if there were no gravity, no resistance. She feels free, indestructible! Whoops! She hits a stone, flies […]

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Sweating the Small Stuff!

 May 18, 2017

In February, my article, Six Lenten Pitfalls, was featured in St. Anthony Messenger magazine. (If you missed it, it can be found on the St. Anthony Messenger blog at This was followed by a mention in the back cover column by editor John Feister in April. In the column Feister wrote about the attention to […]

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Welcome Friend Failure

 May 17, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life He feels like he failed in everything important . . . in marriage, as a parent, in business. He’s failed so many times–and in so many ways–that he has finally made a friend of his close acquaintance. Maybe his friend Failure can teach him something success can’t. Thank you, […]

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The Feast of St. Isidore – Patron of Farmers

 May 15, 2017

Easter – Season of New Life Inch by inch, row by row, gonna make this garden grow All it takes is rake and hoe, and a piece of fertile ground. Inch by inch, row by row, someone bless these seeds I sow, Someone warm them from below, till the rain comes tumbling down.     […]

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