Free Chapter Featuring WWII Vet in Honor of Memorial Day

 May 12, 2014

Jim is a World War II veteran. At 84 he has experienced many losses. How do you find a reason to get up each day when so many of your loved ones are gone? How do you find new dreams when your future appears so limited? Meet Jim and find out how he deals with […]

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Dreaming in League with God

 May 9, 2014

“To pray is to dream in league with God,” according to Rabbi Abraham Heschel. What a wonderful thought! It says something about prayer and about dreams. We all have dreams, things we hope for, wish for, whether awake or asleep. It’s human nature to dream. Our dreams say something about who we are and what […]

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Guest Post on Reality Check, She Writes.Com

 May 7, 2014

My Post, Unlearning What I Once Knew, has been featured on SheWrites.Com home page as part of Zetta Brown’s Reality Check:  Advice for all Authors. Check it out by clicking on one of the links below. Direct link Short link  –

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Go Big, Go Bold!

 May 1, 2014

Big and Bold! Anyone who knows me, knows this is not me. I’m neither big nor bold. I’m more like the church mouse who hides in the corner observing, or the invisible hands coming out to serve then disappearing. I’m not a social butterfly grabbing center stage. As a five on the Enneagram (for more […]

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Marketing as Ministry

 April 25, 2014

There were no marketing classes in my Masters and Doctoral programs in ministry. I learned plenty about Scripture, Church Teaching and Tradition, Liturgy, Counseling, and Programming, but no marketing. Marketing was way too secular. It dealt with that dirty term “money.” We were too good to be concerned about money. As ministers we were supposed […]

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The Doors of Antigua

 April 18, 2014

When my children were little, I remember calendar countdowns to Christmas where they would open a “door” every day during Advent that would reveal some aspect of the season. Antigua is full of such doors. You never know what might be hiding behind each one! There are long rows of buildings with non-descript doors that […]

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What I Have Written, I Have Written!

 April 17, 2014

“What I have written, I have written,” (John 19:22) Pilate says when asked to change what he had posted on the cross above Jesus. I’ve been reflecting on this for the past few weeks as I work on polishing manuscripts for publication. Not that I want to align myself with Pilate in any way. He […]

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What Happens to a Dream Deferred?

 April 10, 2014

As a teenager, I was not much into poetry. I’m still not that into poetry. I love Shakespeare, however, for some reason I don’t think of his writing as poetry. I think of it as play writing. I love the poetry of the Bible, in particular that found in the prophet Isaiah and the Psalms. […]

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We are such stuff as Dreams are made on!

 April 2, 2014

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little lives are rounded with sleep.” The Tempest, William Shakespeare I have long loved this quote. I’m not sure why, I just know I’ve loved it since I first heard it while studying Shakespeare in high school, way too long ago to remember. Prospero, […]

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What's the Worst That Could Happen?

 March 21, 2014

“What’s the worst that could happen?” I’ve asked when helping individuals problem solve and make decisions. There’s something about confronting our worst fears that makes it easier to move ahead when stuck. Studies have shown that this is more effective than asking what’s the best that might happen. We are more held back by fear […]

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