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Prima Ballerina

What do you do when you have everything you ever dreamed of? At seventeen, Ashley left her hometown of Cascade Falls for the bright lights of New York city, leaving behind her family, friends and her faith, for the dream of dancing with a professional Ballet Company. Now, fifteen years later, she is a prima […]

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All her life, Grace lived in the shadow of her famous brother and sister. But there was a greater shadow on her heart, one left by the death of her mother. What made it worse, was that she had caused her mother’s death. Will she ever be able to move out of that shadow? A […]

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“Rebound is a delightful love story between a jock and the nerdy student. Jacob and Josie are opposites, but you know how that adage goes.” Jeni Tahaney Jacob was the rebound king, both on the court and off. He got up after being knocked down as if nothing had happened. He picked up and dropped […]

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Dancing Through Life Box Set

What do you do when life knocks you down? You get up and dance! Join the members of the Reese family and their friends as they learn to get back up after being knocked down. The first three books of the Dancing through Life series, Joy’s Trilogy follows this family through the many challenges cancer […]

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Man of the Month

The last place Gwen wanted to do her internship was her home town, Cascade Falls. But her father’s heart attack and recuperation required her presence. So here she was, back at St. Luke’s. Would she ever escape her home town? Meanwhile her mother asks her friends to join her in the “Man of the Month […]

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Freedom Dance

All of her life, Letty has struggled to fit in. There is the middle-class world of her parents, the white middle-class world of her friends, and the poverty-stricken world of her cousins. Letty’s five years in New York with the Alvin Ailey dance troupe challenged her to grow not just as a dancer, but as […]

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Lyrical Dance

Lyrical Dance – a dance choreographed to a song about overcoming obstacles What do you do when all you’ve ever known about yourself, what gave your life meaning, is wiped away? How do you get it back? All of her life Esther has taken care of others. How can she let others take care of […]

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Christmas in Cascade Falls

If you love Christmas and stories (and who doesn’t?), you will love Christmas in Cascade Falls, small town Michigan. Travel back in time to the Underground Railroad and Civil War period. Venture across the Atlantic and across time to celebrate Christmas in Belfast, Northern Ireland, during 1935. Explore the wonderful “What Ifs” of life and […]

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Beautiful Questions

Some questions are so big, they can take a lifetime to answer. They are big enough for you to live in, walk around in them, taste them, touch them, and test them. These are not questions to be taken lightly. They are beautiful questions. Gwen, at 21, was no closer to knowing what she wanted […]

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Delicious Secrets

Some secrets you just have to keep to yourself because they are so delicious. They melt like chocolate in your mouth on a hot summer day. You want to hold them for as long as possible, never giving away to the need to swallow. Other secrets are too good to keep to yourself. They beg […]

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