veterinarian with a horse


All her life, Grace lived in the shadow of her famous brother and sister. But there was a greater shadow on her heart, one left by the death of her mother. What made it worse, was that she had caused her mother’s death.

Will she ever be able to move out of that shadow?

A family of horses and two handsome brothers help Grace, a young veterinarian, realize just how amazing she is. Thrust into a love triangle between the brothers, who will she choose? The dark and mysterious older brother, or the fun and adventurous younger brother?

Book eleven of the Dancing through Life Series, join Grace as she dances with horses and embraces life.

When I read Amazing, I did not expect to have an emotional and personal connection to this story!  There are many delightful pieces; well-fitted like a quality jigsaw puzzle.  This story will capture and heal your heart, too!” Jeanie Shepherd, EASE, Equinimity Tucson

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