book cover for Beautiful Questions

Beautiful Questions

Some questions are so big, they can take a lifetime to answer. They are big enough for you to live in, walk around in them, taste them, touch them, and test them. These are not questions to be taken lightly. They are beautiful questions.

Gwen, at 21, was no closer to knowing what she wanted to do with her life than when she started college four years ago. She had more questions than she had answers. What she did know was that she wanted out of Cascade Falls and as far away as possible from her mother who suffers from chronic depression. And if that meant working as a secretary at her church to gain money to make this happen … so be it.

Meanwhile, Pastor Joe is asking Kathleen, “Where is this relationship going?”

Book six of Dancing through Life Series, Beautiful Questions invites you to explore unanswered questions and maybe raise a few new ones. Join Gwen as she struggles to break free from negative influences from her past, find direction for her life, and forge a new relationship with her mother.

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