clock at 3 minutes to midnight in front of nuclear mushroom cloud

Buying Time

During the Cold War, with the doomsday clock at three minutes to midnight, protestors risked their lives and freedom at nuclear weapon sites. Join a rabble-rousing Catholic priest and Methodist minister, a kindergarten teacher, and a Quaker homemaker, as they beat swords into plowshares, or in this case, hammer on a B-52 bomber. Arrested and jailed, they bought the world time through doing time.

Patricia Robertson’s book, Buying Time, will help you

  • Experience another time and subculture in America
  • Enhance your understanding of why people take such risks
  • Be challenged to take action in your own life.

Patricia Robertson was active in the peace movement during the 1980’s, participating in civil disobedience at K.I. Sawyer Air Force Base in the upper peninsula of Michigan and at Williams International, the maker of parts for cruise missiles. (Autographed copies only available for shipping in USA and Canada)

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Patricia Robertson’s book takes you down the little trod path of heroic sacrifice in the name of faith and action. Ken Wyatt, retired editorial writer, Jackson Citizen Patriot.