Walking with Families through Grief

All of us experience grief at different times throughout our life. We grieve because we have loved.

The faces of grief are as varied as the different people involved. Each grief is unique and personal to that individual. Yet, given that, there are ways we can help others walk through this journey to new life.

Now available in print, kindle and audio, Robertson’s book helps family members deal with losses in their life. While it focuses on the loss of a loved one, other losses are also explored. It is a valuable resource for ministers, counselors, lay people, anyone who is dealing with loss or wants to help others through loss.

Patricia Robertson has a Doctor of Ministry and over thirty-five years’ experience in ministry. During this time she has helped many families find healing after loss.

She is an author, speaker and spiritual director, who is committed to helping individuals find God in their every day experience, including times of grief and loss.

Walking with Families through Grief is a companion to Walking with Families through the Dying Process. Both are great resources for those who are experiencing death, dying and grief.

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