picture of tree and green space

In the Lord’s Garden

In the beginning God created a garden, Garden Earth. God created humans to tend the garden and enjoy its benefits. In the Lord’s Garden provides insights for all who seek to minister in Garden Earth.

The garden of ministry is a beautiful place, but it requires work. Seeds need to be planted, weeds pulled, and tools are needed for working the soil. In the end there are fruits for our labors.

Based on her years in ministry, Robertson offers tips for all in ministry, whether lay or ordained, to sustain their ministry over the years and avoid burn out. The chapters are rich with insights and stories from her own experience, ministering in the Catholic Church as well as in an ecumenical setting as chaplain at a retirement community.

Chapters include: one on the many different types of ministries found in any church community, one on Scripture – seeds for growth; one on tools needed; two on the different types of weeds that are found in churches; and one on the fruits of ministry. Each chapter includes reflection questions to guide the reader in digging deeper into this rich soil.

An excellent resource for anyone who wants to minister in the Lord’s Garden.

Patricia M. Robertson has more than thirty-five years in ministry. She has ministered to families at all stages of life, from the very young to very old, and has served in a variety of different ministry positions, including leadership in two Catholic parishes without a resident priest pastor.

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