Joy's Trilogy

Dancing Through Life Box Set

What do you do when life knocks you down? You get up and dance!

Join the members of the Reese family and their friends as they learn to get back up after being knocked down. The first three books of the Dancing through Life series, Joy’s Trilogy follows this family through the many challenges cancer places on a family.

See how these people of faith confront life’s trials and not only survive but thrive! Their stories are our stories as we all struggle at times to keep going amidst adversity. These stories will inspire you and help you with your own struggle to maintain a balance in this crazy world in which we live.

Dancing on a High Wire

Sara, a senior at Michigan State University, is looking forward to graduation and starting her life with her fiancé when he breaks off the engagement. Joy, a ballet instructor, is happily married and expecting her third child when she is diagnosed with breast cancer. Esther is planning on continuing at her current place of employment until retirement when she finds herself unemployed with few job skills. Each needs to find a “new normal” and regain their balance on this high wire we call life.

Still Dancing

Some phone calls we love, others we hate, like the ones Pastor Joe receives from his daughter’s school. Or the one Dale received at work, letting him know his wife, Joy, had fallen and was in route to the hospital by ambulance. Less than two years ago, while pregnant with their third child, Joy had a cancerous lump on her breast. After a tumultuous year including surgery, chemo, radiation and the birth of Grace, she has been cancer free. Could her cancer be back?

A Slow Waltz

The road to healing from loss is a slow one, sometimes going backward and sideways before going forward. Sometimes the biggest barrier to healing lies within us. A book for anyone in need of healing from life’s hurts. Join Dale, Kathleen, Ava and others as they journey through the road to forgiveness and healing.

Joy’s Trilogy includes:  Dancing on a High Wire, Still Dancing, and A Slow Waltz.

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