Cover for book, Lyrical Dance

Lyrical Dance

Lyrical Dance – a dance choreographed to a song about overcoming obstacles

What do you do when all you’ve ever known about yourself, what gave your life meaning, is wiped away? How do you get it back?

All of her life Esther has taken care of others. How can she let others take care of her? Will she ever be herself again?

Meanwhile, Kathleen struggles to understand what it is to be a pastor’s wife. Who is she now that she’s married? Is it possible to grieve over the loss of a dream she didn’t even know she had?

Book seven of the Dancing through Life Series, Lyrical Dance explores the question of suffering in this life. Why do good people suffer? How do we go on in the face of suffering? Join Esther, Kathleen and other members of the Reese family as they continue to deal with life’s challenges and find ways not only to survive, but to thrive.

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