basket of fall produce - season of gratitude

Season of Gratitude

“I have experienced nothing quite so powerful in my own life as the simple act of learning how to give thanks on a daily basis.”

Patricia M. Robertson introduces us to gratitude, a powerful tool for changing attitudes and for looking at life from a healthier perspective.

Blending vignettes from life with biblical quotations, Robertson offers fresh insights for finding and expressing gratitude everywhere:  in the daily conveniences we take for granted, in the challenges that force us to take a hard look at ourselves, and even in the midst of tragedy. Other reflections help us confront our uneasiness in accepting help or gifts from others.

For the times when you are feeling overwhelmed and need the healing touch of a thankful heart, this booklet can help. Now available through Amazon Kindle and other ebook stores or direct from this website.

Also available from Amazon and other digital stores.

Robertson has a Doctor of Ministry and over thirty five years of ministry experience. She has walked alongside families through significant life events, from the cradle to the tomb. She continues to offer words of hope to those who have given up on their dreams or misplaced them.