Season of Promise

Life is full of promises—those we have made and those made to us. Considering how often promises influence our lives, it is surprising how little we reflect on them.

The liturgical season of Christmas provides rich opportunities to reflect on the promises of God’s love. In this book, Patricia M. Robertson blends seasonal vignettes and Scripture passages to help you discover new perspectives and inspiration during the weeks that follow Christmas—or any time of the year when your life is focused on a promise, whether kept, broken, or yet to be fulfilled. The meditations reflect the feasts and themes of the Christmas season, yet they are appropriate whenever you need spiritual nourishment, encouragement, or consolation.

Read the meditations all at once or day by day. Each meditation can be a self-contained moment of encouragement or a springboard to a longer period of prayer and reflection.

Season of Promise is great for those times when you need a fresh dose of God’s promise of love.

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