mom and small child looking across desert

Who Me? Full of Grace? Spirituality for Moms

“Hail full of grace,” the angel Gabriel said to Mary, to which she responded, “How can this be?” We, too, are full of grace, yet we might say, “Who me? Not possible.”

This book is designed to help mothers recognize God’s presence in their day to day struggles as a mom: juggling the many demands of parenting, wrangling fighting children, cleaning vomit and diapers, and rocking sleeping children. All hold potential for grace.

It is broken into short chapters with topics any mom can relate to:

  1. Motherhood Stress – It Causes More than a Few Grey Hairs
  2. Anger – a Blessing in Disguise
  3. Prayer – Finding Time when there is no Time
  4. Spiritual Mothers – Who are the Mentors in your Life?
  5. Finding Grace in your Life Journey

Each chapter includes reflection questions and exercises to help you recognize and grow in God’s grace. Perfect for mothers of young children, this book can easily fit into a purse or diaper bag to read whenever you have a moment of quiet.

Our lives are full of graced moments where God is present, if only we are aware of it. This book will help the mothers in your life become aware of this presence.

Paperback copies are also available for purchase through Amazon, click here. To purchase through other digital stores, click here.