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Was I a Better Writer in High School?

 March 31, 2021

Was I a better writer in high school than I am now? I know it may seem like the answer should be obvious. Of course I’m a better writer now than I was in high school. I’ve been at it for so long, have learned so much over the course of the years, not just […]

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Holy Week 2021

 March 28, 2021

It’s hard to believe we’ve been dealing with this pandemic for over a year. Holy Week 2020 was like none other I have experienced. Hoping Holy Week 2021 will be by far a better one. Holy Week 2021 Last year around this time, Michigan went into lockdown. My local parish church was closed and Holy […]

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Love Story between a Jock and the Nerdy Student

 March 12, 2021

Ready for March Madness? Why not prepare by reading the latest in my Dancing through Life Series, Rebound. As reviewer Jeni Tahaney says, “Rebound” is a delightful love story between a jock and the nerdy student. Jacob and Josie are opposites, but you know how that adage goes.  The rest of the review follows. Love […]

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Thomas Merton and Adolescents

 March 11, 2021

Thomas Merton and Adolescents – Book Review of Authenticity, Passion and Advocacy: Approaching Adolescent Spirituality from the Life and Wisdom of Thomas Merton, by Thomas Malewitz I happened upon Thomas Malewitz’s book, Authenticity, Passion and Advocacy, while in my parish’s adoration chapel. I was immediately intrigued. What did Merton have to say about adolescents? Thomas […]

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Fasting From Church this Year

 March 2, 2021

Lent is a time for prayer, fasting and almsgiving. This past Sunday, the priest at my church, where I attended via video, preached about fasting. It occurred to me after he spoke, that maybe the fast I was called to this Lent, this whole year, was fasting from church. Why Fast? When fasting, you give […]

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Bible Study for Lent

 February 16, 2021

Looking for a Bible Study for Lent? Interested in learning more about the Psalms but not sure where to begin? Dietrich Bonhoeffer tells us, “All the prayers of Holy Scripture are summarized in the Lord’s Prayer, and are contained in its immeasurable breadth.” What better format than using the Lord’s Prayer to understand the Psalms? […]

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Resources for Lent

 February 11, 2021

Looking for resources for Lent? The season of Lent challenges us to consciously enter into a process of changing, to let go of selfish attitudes . . . and to grow closer to God! My newly released Bible Study, The Psalms in Light of the Lord’s Prayer, is a great resource for Lent along with […]

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Rebound – A New Book for a New Year!

 February 5, 2021

Looking for a romance to push away the winter doldrums? Missing basketball as you remember it? Check out Rebound, a story of love: love between a man and a woman, love of the game, and love of this planet. Rebound Jacob was the rebound king, both on the court and off. He got up after […]

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What I Learned from Writing a Series

 December 31, 2020

In November of 2013, I wrote the first book in what was to become my Dancing Through Life Series.  I had no idea at the time that this book would lead to eleven other books. Here I am, seven years later with nine books published and three more in various stages of the writing process. […]

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Driving While Under the Influence of Writing

 December 4, 2020

Hemingway is reputed to have said, write drunk, edit sober. From my experience with NaNoWriMo the past eight years, I’ve got a different take on this. Writing provides its own type of high, with unexpected dangers – hence, driving under the influence of writing! Driving Under the Influence of Writing I thought of this while […]

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