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Psalm 6 – How Long, Lord? 

 January 16, 2018

We are in the midst of a bitter, cold winter and a strong flu season. If the ice and snow doesn’t keep you inside, the threat of germs and viruses may keep you from venturing out into public and risk being laid up for weeks. Or perhaps you are already dealing with one of the […]

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How Do You Turn Whining into Joy? Psalm 5

 January 9, 2018

Dear Mildred,             Perhaps you are wondering why I am using such an antiquated form of communication as an actual hand-written letter.  Well let me tell you about the last few weeks.             As you know, my children presented me with a laptop computer and cell phone and cable to use with the computer for […]

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What Keeps You from Sleeping? – Psalm 4

 January 2, 2018

Sleep is truly a precious gift. I always feel better and ready to face the day if I get a good night sleep. If I toss and turn all night, I get up tired and already behind. I never catch up. There is nothing more peaceful than the sleep of a young child, some say. […]

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What Does It Mean to Say God is our Shield? Psalm 3

 December 19, 2017

Gen. 15:1 – After these things the word of the Lord came to Abram in a vision, “Fear not, Abram, I am your shield; your reward shall be very great.” Dt. 33:29 – Happy are you, O Israel! Who is like you, a people saved by the Lord, the shield of    your help, and the […]

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The One True King – Psalm 2

 December 12, 2017

We love our royals, don’t we? This speaks to the popularity of TV shows such as “The Crown” and all of the media attention around royal weddings. We are fascinated by the spectacle of people who are somehow set apart from the rest of us from birth, born of royal stock. Have you ever thought […]

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Trees by Flowing Waters – Psalm 1

 December 5, 2017

Trees are beautiful sights to see. There are so many varieties and shapes, with branches that go in varying directions, covered with leaves and fruit, making a strong foundation from which to hang swings, bird feeders, hold tree houses, or hang ornaments for Christmas. They are wonderful pieces of God’s creation. Psalm 1 tells us […]

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Psalm 150: The After Glow

 September 29, 2016

There is a moment after watching a wonderful fireworks display or hearing a magnificent symphony or concert, or seeing a phenomenal performance, that you just want to sit in the afterglow of the experience and bask in the memory. After the four great Alleluia psalms we just read, especially Psalms 147 and 148 that explode […]

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Psalm 148: All Creation Praise the Lord!

 September 16, 2016

Psalm 148, the third of the alleluia psalms that end the Psalter, is a simple song of praise to God found in creation, paralleling the creation story of Genesis. All creation is called upon to praise God, starting with the heavens, sun & moon, then moving to the earth, the animals, and finally humans. The […]

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Psalm 147: Twelve Reasons to Praise God

 September 8, 2016

Psalm 147 is the second of the hallelujah psalms that bring the book of the Psalms to a close. It enumerates many reasons to praise our God, any one of which is sufficient reason unto itself, but put together into one psalm it resonates and resounds so that only the most closed of mind could […]

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