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Holy Innocents – Promise Unfulfilled

 December 28, 2016

Christmas – Season of Promise Feast Day of the Holy Innocents The slaughter of the innocents–young lives wiped out because of one man’s insanity. How many future lives were lost? How many Rembrandts, Einsteins, Dantes–descendants of unborn generations too numerous to count. Children dying in Syria, dying in Africa, slaughtered during the genocide in Rwanda […]

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Reflections on Roe vs. Wade – 43 years later

 January 21, 2016

When the Roe vs. Wade court case was decided, I was in high school. I remember discussing the decision with a friend. Part of my friend’s argument was that they weren’t asking for abortion on demand, just for limited situations, such as when the mother’s life was in danger or cases of rape. It was […]

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Psalm 116: Precious in the Sight of the Lord

 January 12, 2016

It puzzles me how, on the one hand, we will spend thousands of dollars in neo-natal care to preserve the life of tiny infants born prematurely, some as small as one pound, and at the same time abort fetuses that are the identical size. It doesn’t make sense to me. Is one a baby and […]

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