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Advent – Season of Unmet Expectations

 December 20, 2022

Advent is a season of great expectations. We dream about the perfect gift or the perfect Christmas celebration with family and friends gathered in peace and harmony. More often than not, those expectations are not met, but that’s okay. Advent – a season of unmet expectations – has a lot to teach us about disappointment. […]

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Comfort Ye – Handel’s Messiah

 December 1, 2022

One of my holiday traditions is to listen to Handel’s Messiah at the beginning of Advent. I’ve been doing this since high school when my brother gave me a vinyl recording of it. It combines two of my favorite things: exquisite music and the words of the prophet Isaiah. This year as I listened, I […]

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Christmas Memories from Michigan

 December 21, 2021

So many Christmas memories surface each December, precious gifts from a time long past. Perhaps we share similar memories. I’m sharing some of mine in the hope of sparking your own. Christmas Trees Each December we would drive into the country and walk across snow-covered ground to find the perfect Christmas tree for our home. […]

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A Cup of Love: Isaiah 7:10-14

 December 22, 2020

Today I raise a cup of love and reflect on Isaiah 7:10-14 as we light the last purple candle on the Advent wreath. The Word Love Love is a much used and abused term in the English language. We use the same word to describe how we feel about certain foods, such as pizza and […]

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A Cup of Joy: Isaiah 35:1-10

 December 15, 2020

This week I raise a cup of Joy (or Faith since Joy requires faith!) Our time of waiting for Christmas is half over; this is reason for rejoicing for some, for terror for others who are not ready. In Catholic churches throughout the world, the rose candle of the Advent wreath is lit, signaling the […]

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A Cup of Advent

 November 29, 2020

I completed my weekly journey through the Psalms in November with Psalm 150 so I’m taking a break from the Psalms this Advent in order to focus on Advent themes and readings from Isaiah. Each week will feature a different cup with Advent wreath themes: hope, peace, joy, love. Join me in a cup of […]

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Psalm 85: Aiming for Heaven

 August 14, 2019

There is a new sense of time that can come with age:  gero-transcendence, or climbing over, transcending, age. Memories of past events from childhood seem like only yesterday. They are as real now as when they first happened. You can hold the past and present together in a new way you couldn’t before. The veil […]

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Celebrating Advent -My Gift to You!

 December 3, 2017

I love the Advent season. While society is rushing to Christmas, I savor the sights and sounds of Advent with somber purples and music that speaks of longing and anticipation. I love the Advent readings which speak of hope to a people praying for the long awaited Savior. Yes, I’m not a purist. I do […]

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You’ve Got Mail!

 December 23, 2016

You’ve Got Mail – what does that mean? Mail–for us? We’ve yet to learn how to use this email system, are just learning. What is so important that it can’t wait for ordinary mail? What is so unimportant that it doesn’t warrant a telephone call? You’ve got mail – but how do we open it? […]

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God Provides a Feast!

 December 22, 2016

The supermarket entices with every variety of food under the sun: fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables; meats and poultry; breads and pastas; condiments and candies; pastries and ice cream; Mexican, Chinese, Italian, and Indonesian delights. The variety overwhelms. The market place bustles with vendors of food from every continent: hot dogs, elephant ears, ice […]

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