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My Christmas Gift to you!

 December 20, 2017

Life is full of promises–those we have made and those made to us. Considering how often promises influence our lives, it is surprising how little we reflect on them. The liturgical season of Christmas provides rich opportunities to reflect on the promises of God’s love. This book blends seasonal vignettes and Scripture passages to help […]

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Being Tested

 January 11, 2017

Here they come again–memories of the promise that wasn’t kept, memories resurfacing when I least expect them, when I think I’ve finally dealt with the hurt. Here they come, those feelings I thought I had dealt with, feelings that caused me so much trouble earlier, tempting me with revenge, with helplessness, with despair. Here they […]

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Broken Promises

 January 7, 2017

Christmas – Season of Promise “But you promised!” my child reminds me with a plaintive whine. I know, I know. But that was when I thought it would be possible. I made my promise before I had all the facts, before I knew how much money, how much time and effort was involved–before I knew […]

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Holy Innocents – Promise Unfulfilled

 December 28, 2016

Christmas – Season of Promise Feast Day of the Holy Innocents The slaughter of the innocents–young lives wiped out because of one man’s insanity. How many future lives were lost? How many Rembrandts, Einsteins, Dantes–descendants of unborn generations too numerous to count. Children dying in Syria, dying in Africa, slaughtered during the genocide in Rwanda […]

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Merry Christmas! The Promise is Fulfilled!

 December 25, 2016

Christmas – Season of Promise The promise of pregnancy is fulfilled; a baby is born. Yet with each birth the promise remains–for years to come–of a life to be lived, of parental promises to be kept to the newborn. Promises fulfilled; promises to keep. And so life goes on. People are born and die. But […]

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Christmas – Season of Promise!

 December 24, 2016

Our lives are full of promises–those we have made and those made to us; those we have kept and those we have yet to fulfill; promises we make to ourselves and keep quietly within our hearts, waiting for the best time to speak or act. Consider how promises influence our lives. Our perception of life […]

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