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Psalm 81: Rejoice, but Remember!

 July 16, 2019

Summer is here, life is good! All reasons to rejoice as Psalm 81 tells us. But we also need to remember. Psalm 81 Psalm 81 starts with a call to celebrate, “Sing aloud to God our strength; shout for joy to the God of Jacob! Raise a song, sound the timbrel, the sweet lyre with […]

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After the Party’s Over

 October 9, 2017

Ordinary Time – Season of Stability I’ve always preferred leaving parties while they are still going strong rather than waiting until the last minute. That way I can leave with pleasant memories intact, wanting more rather than having had my fill. But there is something to be said about waiting until the last moment. When […]

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Lenten Pitfall #7 – Failing to Celebrate the Easter Season

 March 29, 2016

There are forty days of Lent, fifty days in the Easter Season. That means we are meant to spend more time rejoicing than we spend repenting! And yet we fail to do that. Why? We spend so much time focusing on Lent, making sacrifices, striving to grow in our faith, then Easter comes and we […]

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