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The Promise of Winter

 December 29, 2016

Christmas – Season of Promise Why is it the old year ends and the new year begins in the midst of winter? Why not celebrate the New Year in spring when life bursts forth anew? Winter is the season of dying, not of rebirth, yet each December we celebrate the birth of a baby. Amid […]

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When Writing Takes You Where You Would Rather Not Go

 October 30, 2014

The leaves of fall are almost entirely gone as autumn prepares the way for winter, a place I would rather not go, at least not yet! In the same way, sometimes writing takes you where you would rather not go. Joy The character Joy, in my newly released novel Dancing on a High Wire, fights […]

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Our Dreams Must Exceed Our Grasp

 May 30, 2014

We are in the graduation season, followed by the marriage month, June. Throughout the nation, graduating seniors are being given words of wisdom at commencement ceremonies, as one stage of their life ends and they prepare for the next one. They are being told to hold on to their dreams, to dream big, make a […]

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The Doors of Antigua

 April 18, 2014

When my children were little, I remember calendar countdowns to Christmas where they would open a “door” every day during Advent that would reveal some aspect of the season. Antigua is full of such doors. You never know what might be hiding behind each one! There are long rows of buildings with non-descript doors that […]

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